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Vitrohue Recycled Glass

Distributed worldwide, Vitrohue glass is known for its commitment to recycling and its beautiful addition to any project.

Vitrohue is our name for the building products we make from waste glass — scrap windows, post-consumer container glass (that beer bottle you tossed in the recycle bin), construction demolition glass and other odd bits of glass.  Our company, TriVitro, is a leader in the sustainable products industry.  We’ve won the King County Green Globe Award for Leader in Market Development for Recyclable Materials Award and the Washington State Recycling Association Recycler of the year.

Most important, we’ve shown that recycling is a financially sustainable practice.

Our products are 100% recycled glass from local sources.  Our main products are glass aggregates for terrazzo, countertops and concrete, and tumbled glass used as a decorative replacement for roof ballast and landscape mulch.

Vitrohue comes from the local recycle stream.  It’s not imported from China or made from remelted and colored glass that is sold as “recycled.”  The colors available are the colors that you the consumer use, so if you don’t see that color at the grocery store, you’re not going to see it in Vitrohue.

Check out our product listings and installations pages for more about Vitrohue and how you can use it.