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A pioneer in the development of recycled glass

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About Trivitro

Since 1996, TriVitro® has been developing innovative, environmentally responsible recycled glass products. Our natural and color coated recycled glass chips are being used around the nation in terrazzo flooring and exposed aggregate surfaces; our finely crushed glass has been providing cleaner, longer lasting, and more cost effective water filtration for pools, spas, theme parks and aquatic habitats, as well as environmental and industrial filtration; even sand blasting can be done much more safely and effectively by replacing sand with our NIOSH-recommended crushed glass for surface preparation, rust and paint removal, and abrasive cleaning.

Our Mission

  • To offer enhanced value to our customers with quality products and services
  • To increase awareness of imaginative and creative applications for recycled glass
  • To further the use of environmentally-friendly recycled glass products


TriVitro® was incorporated in 1996 as a result of several years of research and development in the fine processing of recycled glass. We view our recycled glass products as industrial materials, and distinguish ourselves from other glass processors in our understanding of the demanding specifications for our product applications, and our strict quality control measures.

Our mission is to develop innovative, value-added, and environmentally responsible uses for recycled glass in partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees. To that end, we have been pioneers in our work in many diverse applications–we were the first to achieve the federal government specification for abrasives (Mil-A-22262-B-SH), the first to furnish glass filtration media to a world-class swimming facility, and the first to supply a color-coated recycled glass aggregate to the flooring market.

We believe recycled glass is a unique and valuable material that provides a great opportunity for environmentally sensible, sustainable businesses. We are now in our third-phase plant, well-equipped to process thousands of tons of glass per year, and well-regarded as a manufacturer of clean, consistent, sized glass aggregates for a wide variety of markets. As each of these markets grow, we will continue to add capacity to meet the growing demand.